• Executive search: expectations met!

    Whoever would like to re-staff leading positions in their enterprise is faced with a difficult task. Does the ideal person who can fully meet all requirements even exist? And where can this person be found?

    Dr Sobek knows how one answers these questions: with a precise analysis of needs and an efficient search based on that intimate knowledge of the industry which only an experienced insider has. This understanding for requirements and processes makes the difference. Whoever has the appropriate experience in the industry can make potential employees available for a successful executive search. Obtaining new top-calibre talents provides your enterprise with an advantage over the competition.

    Whether direct search, database search, advertisements or an individual mix: the choice of search method can be adapted exactly to the customerís desire and budget. We are flexible! The clients from Sobek Executive Search & Consulting AG appreciate the fact that the mutual communication between enterprises, candidate and searcher always functions constructively, transparently and discreetly.